Cancer care: post-treatment care

Breast Cancer Survivorship Institute

The transition from breast cancer patient to breast cancer survivor can be difficult and awkward. Patients have just gone through an intense, months-long process of tests and treatments and may be weary from that battle.

At times there are long-term treatment side effects that need to be identified, monitored, and managed, and patients need to begin their changed lives as survivors. Our Survivorship Institute is intended to help patients through this transition.

At a patient’s first visit we will:

  • Summarize their cancer and treatment history
  • Conduct a personalized risk assessment
  • Begin monitoring for recurrence
  • Begin monitoring for secondary malignancy

At the Survivorship Institute we will also focus on lifestyle changes to help prevent recurrences, psychosocial issues, fertility & sexuality, pain management, and alternative & complementary therapies.

Our goal at the Survivorship Institute is to strengthen and empower our patients, and assure a smooth transition back to primary care.

The Survivorship Institute was developed by Balazs “Ernie” Bodai, MD, who has been providing compassionate cancer care to Kaiser Permanente members for more than 30 years. Dr. Bodai is also the creator of the Breast Cancer Research Stamp that has raised about $73 million for breast cancer research.