An entire team caring for our patients

Our entire team of physicians, nurses, and other care providers is here to keep you healthy and thriving. And thanks to our integrated model and advanced technology, our team is completely connected with each other—and you—should you need us.

Trauma Care

Nathan Morris’s life was changed forever by a brain injury that occurred while tubing down the river. He is grateful for the care he received from our Kaiser Permanente trauma team.

Heart Care

Dan Matson, an active man with no heart attack risk factors, found himself fighting for his life after experiencing crushing pain during an afternoon workout. Thankfully when the paramedics arrived they quickly coordinated care with the Kaiser Permanente, a designated STEMI care receiving center.

Cancer Care

Justin Wages survives a difficult cancer experience and shares his story of health and healing, while also encouraging others to get their regular cancer screenings.

Kaiser Permanente’s Sacramento Oncology team made all the difference for caterer and restauranteur Bobbin Mulvaney who successfully battled breast cancer. Watch her story and learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s comprehensive cancer care.

Pediatric Specialties

Kaiser Permanente’s Children’s Oncology Group uses state of the art clinical trial medicines and gives a fighting chance to children like Virginia Mochel. Our Pediatric Oncologists are one part of Kaiser Permanente’s extensive pediatric specialty care team.

Sports Medicine

The Kaiser Permanente Sports Medicine team in the Sacramento area includes highly trained, experienced sports medicine physicians. See how they helped a premier Sacramento ballet dancer get back to pirouetting.

Everett Perrot was seen at Kaiser Permanente’s Sacramento area Sports Medicine Center for an ankle injury but upon closer look, a shoulder tear was uncovered by one of our physicians. The care he received from our Sports Medicine team got him back to his activities.


That was the case for Sue Corrigan, who at the age of 44 suffered a severe brain aneurism. See how her team of neurosurgeons worked together to get her back on her feet and pursuing her dreams after 46 days in the ICU.