See how you can thrive with Kaiser Permanente.

Experience the benefits of becoming a member of Kaiser Permanente – a total‑health organization that’s centered around you and your total well‑being. If your company doesn’t offer Kaiser Permanente, talk with your HR department.

Individuals and families

For individuals and families, we offer more than just health insurance. We offer care that centers around you—from refilling most prescriptions online to emailing your doctor’s office anytime. Enjoy affordable coverage and a connected group of doctors, services, and online tools. We care for your total health—mind, body, and spirit.


Just as you do, we want every employee to have the health care they need. You can find plans for every size of business, with a range of coverage options.

  • Small business plans
  • Large business plans
  • Multistate or national account coverage
  • Occupational health
  • Medicare and Senior Advantage plans